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Beijing Tokyo Bistro 漢和樓 中日料理

Get Directions2786 California St

Chef's Special Dim Sum

House Special

頭 檯 Appetizers

湯 類 Soup

雞鴨類 Fowls

豬肉類 Pork

牛肉類 Beef

海鮮類 Seafood

蔬菜類 Vegetables

炒麵類 Chow Mein

雲吞湯 Wonton, Noodle Soup

香港式煎麵 Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodle

炒飯類 Fried Rice

炒粉類 Chow Fun

碟飯類 Rice Plate

Family Dinner

Hong Kong Style, Served for two or more persons.

House Sushi Rolls- Not available on Mon. Fri. and Sun.

8 Pieces

Makimono Roll

6 Pieces

Temaki (Hand Roll)

Nigiri - Fish on top the Sushi Rice

2 Pieces

Sashimi (Raw Fish)

5 Pieces each order

Sushi Combos

Served with a Miso Soup

Specialty Ramen (OR Udon)

Special Bento Box

Served with white rice & salad, No Subsitution Please





Super Sushi Burrito

with Ice Coffee or Thai Tea or Ice Tea. Come with avocado, lettuce, carrot, cucumber, imitation crab meat, yellow reddish pickle

Party Trays

Restaurant Info

Mon~Tues 11:00 AM~8:30 PM
Wed 11:00 AM~8:00 PM
Thu 11:00 AM~8:30 PM
Fri 11:00 AM~8:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM~3:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM~9:00 PM